Meet your consultant

Meet your consultant

I'm your consultant Christine Vasser and I'm so excited that you have decided to stop by and very honored you're here to stay.

No, I do not have Sisterlocks myself, I have interlocks that I have started and maintained myself. 

Here, let me tell you my story of my journey.

I wanted Sisterlocks just like you and I have done the research and asked all the questions, just as you are now. 

Unfortunately, it wasn't in the cards for me to start that journey, however I'm so grateful to start this journey I'm on and to be able to assist you in your Sisterlocks or Interlock Journey.   

After I wiped my tears not being able to have Sisterlocks, and took the three (3) days to establish my Interlocks, I set out to become a Consultant in hopes to not have someone go through what I had.  

2018, I took my course in Chicago, IL and have been blessed to be apart of many ladies start their beautiful journey of Sisterlocks.

I'm so excited for you and I look forward to hearing your story that has brought you to this point to start your Journey.

Remember.....Don't Rush the Process, Trust the Process!